Shwergold Aharonson & Co. represented AIC Ltd. in deployment of a 35 Million NIS loan for an 8-project TAMA portfolio.

Leading real-estate financier, American Israel Construction ALD. Ltd., via one of its subsidiaries – AIC, engaged a real estate developer, head quartered in Tzur Igal, to finance 8 TAMA projects located in several cities in the greater “Gush Dan” area.

Asael Group Ltd. is a known building contractor, turned developer, which holds in its portfolio numerous TAMA projects in Israel, and is continuing to grow its business. After “cherry-picking” 8 selected projects, AIC has undertaken to procure approximately 30% of the project expenses as equity funds, before refinancing through one of the major Israeli Banking institutions.

AIC placed in its cross-hairs the TAMA trend, combining sound business opportunities with a Zionist vision of strengthening homes in Israel against potential earthquakes.

SA Lawyers is proud to offer its full legal services to AIC, helping to make their goals a reality.